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I'm a Member Of The Society, How Do I Get My Access Information?

Welcome to the brand new website for the Natural Health Society of Australia. So much has changed from the old website as you can see!

We have imported all our current financial members into the new site, a large percentage of those members, did not have an email address at all, and this new website does require a valid email address to function correctly. For those users we needed to setup a temporary address so we could import you into the new site. We also expect that a reasonable percentage of our other members may also have out of date email addresses in our system.

It is very important that when you do get access to the system, that you keep your email address and other details up to date.

To be able to login as a member, you will need both your username and your password.

So, How Can You Get Member Access To The New Site?

Firstly, we should try the automated recovery system, On that page, because you will not know your username or password, you will need to perform two easy steps to get what we need...

  1. Click the link that says "Forgot your username?", enter the email address you believe may be valid and correct. If the system recognises the address, it will show you a success message. Now check your email account, if it does not arrive shortly, please check any spam filters you may have active our your junk mail folder in outlook. Now you have your username that you use to login. If it returns an address not found type message, you will need to jump to the "My Email Address Was Not Valid" section.
  2. Now, you can revist the automated recovery system and this time, click the link that says "Forgot Your Password?", again, enter the email address that recovered your username and click Submit. Again, check your email account, and any spam filters or junk folder for the next email. This email contains a verification code and also has directions on how to proceed. Enter your username and verification code and click Submit. If they are correct, you will now be able to setup a new password.

You will only need to do the above procedure once, if all has gone well, you will have your username and your new password. You can now use those and login to the website via the members login link in the side menu.

My Email Address Is Not Valid, How Do I Proceed?

In this case, you will need to call our offices during normal business hours on 02 4721 5068 and verify your identity and a staff member will then be able to tell you your username, and allow you to manually set a new password. Then, once you have your username and password, you will be able to login to the site via the member login link in the menu on the left.

Again, unless you forget your login details, you should only need to do this once.