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By Gillian Summerbell

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) are both conditions of oxidative stress. This is a state caused by unstable oxygen molecules, where the rate of cell damage is faster than the body’s ability to repair the damage.

2008 is the international year of the potato, so what could be better during winter than to experiment with some tasty potato recipes? But before we savour this amazing vegetable, let’s take a closer look.

Interview by Joanne Rose

Carol Alt has had enormous success as a model, actress and as the host of various morning shows and newscasts and also in recording music and voice-overs. She has acted on the stage, screen and television – in more than 65 films in all. Recently she has expanded her passion and influence by teaching the benefits of eating raw food, and is author of the best-selling book, Eating in the Raw. In her latest book, The Raw 50, she presents easy raw-food recipes, more stories about people who have adopted raw diets and new information about the practical considerations of this healthy way of life.

An explanation of cocoa solids, cocoa, cocoa butter and what else is in chocolate

By Roger French

Chocolate lovers around the world have no doubt been delighted to hear in recent years that chocolate may, after all, be good for us – or at least not so bad. If true, this is rather fortunate considering the stuff is so delicious and more-ish.

Protect you heart and brain while preventing cancer

Edited by Russell L. Blaylock, MD, and lightly abridged by Roger French

Tea isn’t just a refreshing drink anymore. Numerous stories have appeared in the popular press touting the health benefits of green tea, including anti-cancer effects, weight loss and antioxidant properties.

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