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About The Natural Health Society

The Natural Health Society is a health educational organisation explaining how best to achieve genuine long-term health and wellbeing for greater enjoyment of life and enhanced peace of mind.

The Society is not-for-profit, non-sectarian and non-political, with no vested interests. It was established over half a century ago in 1960.

Its primary objective is to promote better health in the community on the basis that prevention is better than cure.

The Natural Health approach is different in many ways from that of orthodox medicine. Instead of attempting to treat the symptoms in the belief that symptom-free equates to health, Natural Health focuses on removing the underlying causes and encouraging self-healing, that is, it treats the whole person. And unlike drug therapy, the only side effects of correctly applied self-healing are better health all round.

The Society produces the magazine, True Natural Health. Besides providing invaluable information, the magazine, which is mailed quarterly to subscribers, is a most effective form of motivation to keep looking after ourselves sensibly – but without fanaticism.

Other benefits for subscribers include:

  • Discounts at the Society’s mail-order and online shop on selected books and health appliances;
  • Discounts on health-friendly household cleaning and personal care products;
  • Access to member-only health information;
  • Discounts at Natural Health Society seminars.
  • Access to members only areas of the Discussion Forums
  • Ability to subscribe to RSS feeds of our members only areas, now it is easier to keep up to date.

To subscribe to the Natural Health Society, simply click the big red JOIN NOW button at the top left of the side menu (Requires credit card and valid email address) Otherwise, subscribe over the phone using your credit card. Call the Society during business hours on 02 4721 5068.